Our Services

Our GMRA team provide a value added service to Doctors throughout the country.

Please contact us if:

- you are one of the well over 60% of doctors not currently being represented in real estate transactions, consider how we may provide an in-house real estate capability and council at no cost. 

- you may benefit immediately from our expertise and knowledge of the national medical real estate market and climate, in tandem with our local/regional real estate team who offer first-hand experience and industry leadership, which will maximize your ability to secure financial savings and healthcare real estate equity.

Here is a menu of our services:

Define Requirements of Physician's Practice

  • Review existing lease
  • Determine goals and objectives (renew vs. relocate vs. purchase)
  • Establish budget and project timelines
  • Determine size and layout
  • Define location parameters
  • Review building quality and image needs
  • Identify technical and amenity requirements

Prepare Market Survey

  • Prepare survey based on needs analysis
  • Identify opportunities
  • Review list of alternatives
  • Assist in building selection

Tour and Evaluate Properties

  • Conduct building tour of likely alternatives
  • Narrow selection to final alternatives
  • Submit request for proposals
  • Facilitate space planning for top alternatives
  • Review preliminary construction costs

Select Final Building

  • Choose top alternative
  • Negotiate final terms and conditions
  • Submit letter of intent


  • Attorney
  • Telecom/ IT review
  • Select Architect
  • Construction Management

Execute Lease

  • Review lease
  • Review work letter

Provide Post-Occupancy Services

  • Prepare lease abstract
  • Monitor critical dates
  • Perform on-going follow-up